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Among the values of the club, there is one to which the Club Provence Tir association is particularly attached.

Indeed, the respect of the environment is at the heart of the concerns of the association.

This is how she got involved in a environmental charter finely thought out and put forward on the installations of the OUTDOOR range, Provence Shooting Club.

At Provence Shooting Club, Experience center, the objective is to practice our sports in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our goal is to integrate good practices in our daily actions and to reduce the environmental impact related to the practice of shooting sports.

Convinced of the importance of our commitment, our goal is to provide the healthiest and most pleasant environment possible for our members, not forgetting our canine friends, who are very welcome and for whom we have set up a "doggie bar".

That is why we are committed to an eco-responsible program :

  • Remediation of the interior and exterior of the site
  • Recycling our daily waste and waste from shooting ♻️
  • Center of treatment for used cartridge cases
  • Development ofgreen spaces
  • Establishment of corridors of unharvested and unmowed vegetation to benefit the natural development and reproduction of the local fauna and flora
  • Planting of 500 plants of different varieties 🪴
  • Respect of the biodiversity with the creation of areas favouring pollination and ecological shelters
  • Limitation the use of phytosanitary products and pesticides
  • Harmonization of our facilities through the use of vegetation to blend into the landscape 🌱
  • Setting up of water sources for wildlife
  • Use of LAPORTE® trays which are biodegradable with zero PAH and resin targets 100% natural for ball trap (skeet shooting). These trays are designed and patented to provide a more dynamic telegenic experience. Made from natural resin, they enable the discipline to be practiced in an environmentally-friendly way. The targets also retain all the structural characteristics of a standard target and meet the exacting standards and expectations of accomplished shooters.
  • Collecting dead wood for heating
  • Reduction of water consumption through the use of a rainwater recovery system for the watering ofplantations .
  • Installation of low consumption lighting throughout the site

Thanks to all these measures, we are proud to preserve the environment as well as the health of our members, our sport shooters, our coaching and training teams on Provence Shooting Club site and to include the preservation of the environment as one of our core values.

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