The excellence of shooting in Aix-en-Provence
since 1979

The Association Club Provence Tir is affiliated with the French Shooting Federation since 1989 under the n° of agreement n°1813012 and has over 1 000 membres who can practice many different disciplines in our unique INDOOR and OUTDOOR shooting complexes in France.

All our actions comply with the expectations and requirements of the Ministry of Sports and we are proud to share the fundamental values of sport:



The security is our top priority!

The respect of safety and of the regulations in force are the essential elements of our activity. Safety rules apply to all shooters, even the most experienced, with special attention and quality support for new members.

We apply on a daily basis the safety rules decreed by the French Shooting Federation and have also implemented a very strict process throughout our shooting complex.


The preservation of the environment is one of our core values. Our goal is to integrate good practices in our daily actions and to reduce the environmental impact of shooting sports.

Convinced of the importance of our commitment, we have reflected on the impact of each of our actions and wish to offer the most pleasant and healthy environment possible to our members.

That is why we are committed to an eco-responsible program These include: interior and exterior site decontamination, recycling of our waste, development of green spaces, planting of 500 different varieties of plants, respect for biodiversity, and harmonization of our facilities by means of vegetation to blend into the landscape.

Thanks to all these measures, we are proud to preserve the environment as well as the health of our members, our sport shooters, our coaching and training teams.


These themes are at the center of the concerns of the Association Club Provence Tir. In order to allow an opening to the greatest number, our association applies the principles of the French Federation of Shooting in the field of the accessibility and the diversity.

  • Equality
The French Shooting Federation has set up a feminization plan in order to develop, among other things, the practice of shooting sports for women. This action aims to promote women's shooting sports and to remove existing prejudices against women's shooting. The Provence Tir Club encourages and participates in this operation by offering the entrance fee to women for any new registration.

  • Accessibility Para-Tir and Handisport
We are strongly committed to developing leisure activities with the Handi-tir and competitive activities with the Para-TIR. Shooting sports, because of the diversity of the disciplines it offers, must be accessible to all. We propose a quality of reception and the total accessibility for the people in situation of handicap, and this, on the whole of our 2 sports complexes. Parking spaces are dedicated for both our INDOOR and OUTDOOR stands.