stand indoor Provence Tir

Every other Saturday, our instructors organize a Fun Tir, a fun sport shooting discipline, practiced with handguns thanks to a course allowing to link targets of different sizes, at different distances with a speed of execution.

assemblée générale psc

The General Assembly of the club allows the president to welcome the new members, to present the board of directors, to thank the team of animation, the monitors and the volunteers for their implication within the life of the club, to evoke the regulation in force, to present the financial balance sheet of the past season, to evoke the expenses on the year and the various posts to come according to a predefined agenda, as well as to exchange with the members around the activities of the past year and the year to come. This meeting is held each year on a predefined date that is communicated to club members in advance.

carnet assiduité Club Provence Tir

In order to know the safety rules for carrying and transporting weapons. At Provence Tir we are committed to informing our members about the regulations, in order to accompany them in their shooting practice. We offer training courses "to the book of attendance" allowing you to engage the acquisition process.