Practice shooting sports while respecting the environment

Come and practice your sport while respecting the environment ✅:


The preservation of the environment is part of our fundamental values.

Our goal is to integrate good practices in our daily actions and to reduce the environmental impact related to the practice of shooting sports.

Convinced of the importance of our commitment, we have thought about the impact of each of our actions and wish to offer the most healthy and pleasant environment possible to our members.


This is why we are committed to an eco-responsible program:

– interior and exterior decontamination of the site
recycling of our waste and waste from shooting ♻️
treatment center for used cartridges
– development of green spaces
– creation of corridors of unused and unmowed vegetation to encourage the natural development and reproduction of local flora and fauna
– planting of 500 different varieties of plants 🪴
respect for biodiversity with the creation of areas that promote pollination and ecological refuges
limiting the use of phytosanitary products and pesticides
– harmonization of our facilities through vegetation to blend into the landscape 🌱
– installation of water points for wildlife
– use of biodegradable LAPORTE trays with zero PAH and 100% natural resin targets for ball shooting
collection of dead wood for heating
– reduction of water consumption thanks to a rainwater recovery system for watering the plantations
– installation of low energy lighting on the entire site


Thanks to all these measures, we are proud to preserve the environment as well as the health of our members, our shooters, our management and training teams on the Provence Shooting Club site.


Best regards,

Your President.



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